Happy Cuatro de Cholla

Happy 4th of July everyone.

I’m going to share one of my FAVORITE places in Tucson.  I discovered this a few years ago while driving the ‘back way’ into Fairfield in the Foothills.  Coming in on Tanuri Drive I discovered a Cholla Tree (bush) that someone decorated for whatever holiday was going on at the time.  Probably Christmas.  Since then I’ve discovered that the tree is decorated for most of the Major Holidays and a few lesser known ones too.  Who’s doing this?  It’s a carefully guarded secret but we suspect it’s a resident of Fairfield.  Most likely Sunrise Mountain Ridge (because it’s the closest neighborhood.  So today while I was out in the early morning hours I saw how the Cholla was decorated for the 4th.


So early this morning I discovered how it was adorned for the 4th of July.

Happy Cuatro de Cholla


Can’t wait to see what they’ll do for LABOR DAY!

Want to find your own secret hide-a-way in the Desert Southwest?  There are always homes for sale in Fairfield in the Foothills.  Enjoy the relaxed, peaceful living and the occasional artistic burst from the natives!



Steve Redmond

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