500 Million

to be spent by Banner in Tucson Marketplace….


In All, over 1 Billion investment in Tucson & Phoenix facilities by Banner.


This and MORE Good News for Tucson Community contained in the

2016 Mid-Year Housing Report for Tucson.

Market News from the Market Leader in Real Estate - Long Realty

Market News from the Market Leader in Real Estate – Long Realty

 Get your copy here: CLICK HERE





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The Region and Tucson in particular continue to lead in recovery from the recession.  Good news since “The population of the Southwest is expected to increase by nearly 70% by mid-century according to the EPA.'[1]  The excerpt below is from the Long Realty 2016 Mid-Year Housing Report for Tucson.  Tucson is keeping up with the expected growth and is looking toward the future.


Economic Snapshot from Long Realty 2016 Mid-Year Housing Report

Economic Snapshot from Long Realty 2016 Mid-Year Housing Report


2016 Housing Market Report Banner

2016 Housing Market Report Banner

Get your Copy of the 2016 Mid-Year Housing Report – CLICK HERE


1. https://www3.epa.gov/climatechange/impacts/southwest.html#ref1

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Now at Swan and Sunrise, Bisbee Breakfast Club!

In their 3rd week Bisbee Breakfast Club, located just East of Swan and Sunrise on the North side of the street, is doing a bang up business.

Open for Breakfast and Lunch only they’ve occupied the space that previously was the only gas station convenience store on the corner.

Easy parking and Outdoor Patio

Bisbee Breakfast Club


There is a planned Outdoor Patio with seating for 13 additional tables outside

(should be in place by fall)  Don’t let the number of cars fool you when you pull up.

They look busy, but have quite a bit of seating inside.  And they’re nimble on their feet.

This isn’t their first Rodeo.





My First trip I tried the Corned Beef and Hash breakfast. Notice the propeller style stack on the toast!


Corned Beef and Hash Breakfast

Corned Beef and Hash Breakfast


Seating inside is a combination of booths, tables, chairs and benches.  Brightly colored and new.


Breakfast and Lunch

Bisbee Breakfast Club


Curious?  Here’s the menu…….

Bisbee Breakfast Club – Sunsrise Breakfast Menu

Bisbee Breakfast Club – Sunrise Lunch Menu

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Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and let them bring their furry little friends!  Tucson just was deemed to be THE most Pet-friendly City in the United States by Pet360 in their Pet Parent’s Choice Awards .

Too Cool Pets


Read here why Tucson was named Top Dog for Dogs




Tucson under a full moon.

Tucson under a full moon.

Lower Taxes, Sunshine and a Great Lifestyle make Tucson thee place to Retire!

Bankrate.com rates us as #3.  See Article:The Best and Worst US Cities to Retire in

Sunshine and low taxes may be selling points when choosing a city to retire in — but only one city in Florida, which conspicuously boasts of both factors, made the cut in a new list of best cities to retire.

It turns out the Phoenix metropolitan area, not Tampa or Boca Raton, is the best city to retire in, according to Bankrate.com. The “Grand Canyon State” has three metro areas on the list this year.

The worst place to retire, according to the personal finance website, is New York City. The five worst places for retirement are New York City, Little Rock, Arkansas; New Haven, Connecticut; Buffalo, New York; and Newark, New Jersey.

While New York ranked first in walkability, its high cost and taxes were negatives.

Bankrate.com ranked 172 American cities based on weather, cost of living, crime rate, health care quality, taxes and “walkability.” The rankings also considered “senior well-being,” a measurement from the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index that tries to capture satisfaction of surroundings from residents 65 and older.

The top 10 best places for retirement are:


Phoenix metro area (including Mesa and Scottsdale)

Arlington/Alexandria, Va.

Prescott, Ariz.

Tucson, Ariz.

Des Moines, Iowa

Denver (including Aurora)

Austin (including Round Rock)

Cape Coral (including Ft. Myers)

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Franklin, Tenn.

Some may be surprised at some of the cities in the list.

“I think it’s always great to see cities in fly-over states do so well,” said Chris Kahn, Bankrate, research and statistics editor, pointing to Franklin, Tennessee, and Des Moines, Iowa. “A lot of people think of the Sun Belt or the beach when they think of retirement. But there are a lot of great spots further north.”

Kahn said he was surprised more cities from Florida did not make the list.

“In general, Florida cities dropped in our ranking due to high costs of living, a below-average health care system and in some cases high crime rates,” he said.

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Gorgeous Foothills Day

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How can you go wrong when you have views like this with Spectacular Bougainvillea!

Foothills Delight


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How Lucky are we!

360,000 Square Feet – 90 Designer and Name-Brand Outlets opening in 2015.

Located on the North side of the Twin Peaks exit off 1-10.

Phoenix Premium Outlet 1








Took these photos today while in Phoenix.  The project appears to be by these same developers.

Check it out Phoenix Premium Outlets  next to Wild Horse Pass

Phoenix Premium  2

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Taking advantage

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Dakota Cafe Outdoor DiningTucsonan’s take advantage of Glorious Weather whenever they can.  Today is supposed to be one of those days.  76 degrees and SUNNY!  Photo shown is of folks dining outside at Dakota Bar and Grill in Traildust Town.  A favorite dining and catering establishment. http://www.DakotaCafeandCatering.com


Tucson Spring

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Palo Verdes ablaze with color!




Grand Opening of Whole Foods River Center set for Wednesday, Jan. 16th at 9am